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– Special Issue –



Call for submissions to the Special Issue

“Tissue environment in health and disease”

of IUBMB Life Journal


Guest Editors:

Christa Rhiner
Henrique Veiga-Fernandes


Short Synopsis

In the course of life, adult tissues are exposed to extensive wear-and-tear and numerous noxious stimuli such as mechanical stress, infection or chemicals, which can disrupt tissue integrity. In order to preserve organ function, animals have developed dedicated mechanisms to sense distinct forms of tissue damage and activate repair responses to reinstall homeostasis.

The IUBMB Life Journal Special Issue on “Tissue environment in Health and Disease” will showcase current insight into how different types of tissue damage ranging from infection, chronic inflammation, injury, cancerous overgrowth, but also normal ageing impact tissue homeostasis – in distinct tissues of our body and in various organisms. The recollection of article aims to highlight how intrinsic and extrinsic environments can modulate tissue homeostasis from diverse angles including Immunology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Regenerative Medicine and reveal gaps in our knowledge to foster discussion and exchange across fields and animal models.

We hereby invite interested researchers to feature their research or to reflect trends emerged at the Symposium in form of research articles, opinions and perspectives. Deadline for the submission of tentative abstracts is 27th of October 2019.

Submission and informal requests can be addressed to Christa Rhiner or Henrique Veiga-Fernandes. If the first author is a PhD candidate or a Post-Doc no more than 3 years after the PhD, the authors will be eligible to compete for the IUBMB Life-Wiley Young Investigator Award.